Meet up in Jamaica

I recently had the opportunity to meet up in Jamaica with my sister, her family and my cousin from Florida. We had an amazing time, from Negril to Montego Bay and Mayfield Falls (Water was COLD!!!) but it was awesome. Here’s some pics to share..


Awesome Jamaican Video’s

Checkout these awesome Jamaican video’s, they are powerful and uplifting.. Our land, our people, our culture, our Jamaica. Out Of Many, One …


A defining moment

Well 2013 has come to a closed and 2014 has begun I’m very optimistic of this new year with many dreams and …


Why an 11:11 T-Shirt?

I have been asked why an 11:11 t-shirt. Well it all started about 15-20 years ago I would be sitting at the …


I’m no model

Ok so I’m no model but as the Founder and President of Diego Armand and with the growing demand for our t-shirts, …


Looking to the future

Well yesterday August 1st was my birthday, between the last and this one it has been a horrendous year with many ups …


Date with this bad girl

I have a few dates with this bad black beauty; she can take me from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 second. …